Unicorns SCO project to finance start-up projects of young people from SCO member, observer and partner countries for which

$10,000 is allocated * 10 startups = $100,000.

Applications for the UNICORNS SCO project have been received.
The project is organized in cooperation with The Agency of Youth Affairs Agency, The Center for Support of Youth Entrepreneurship of Uzbekistan, The Youth-Our Future Foundation and The Shanhai Cooperation Organization.

A team of experts gathered to select start-up projects.

Shahzod Umrzaqov

"Tass vision" is the founder of a successful startup.

Dilshod Zufarov
Chairman of the Venture Capital Association of Uzbekistan, Deputy Director of UzCard, Director of UzCard Ventures.
Farhod Kamilov
Founder of SDClub service design agency
InMarketing co-founder
CCO EasyBooking.
Dilshod Hoshimov
UzVC director.
Begzod To'xtamurodov
Representative of the Youth Parliament of the Oliy Majlis, businessman.
Orian-Mehroj Rashidov
Director of the Center for Support of Young Entrepreneurs.
Shahzod Baxodirov

Founder of the Thompson School.

Botir Arifjanov
Founder of Asrum Academy, Paynet.
Barno Ortiqxo'jayeva
Innovative Entrepreneur, Business Ambassador of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Center.
Usmon Rahimjnov
Startup Specialist.
Ulugbek Ismatov
Director of MPMG 
Azizbek Ilhamov
Head of the Department of the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Laziz Adhamov
Top Contact, founder of BookCafe, head of SAP Uzbekistan.
Abdulloxo'ja Axrorxo'jayev
Founder of "Agrokub.uz".
Director of SOF AGRO LTD.
Muhammad Ashurov
Young Entrepreneur University, Head of Academic Affairs.
Ihtiyor Usmonov
Opportunity Project Manager, Head of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Center.
Farrux Maksumov
Head of Start-up Ecosystem Development Department.
Shovkatov Otabek
Deputy Executive Director of the Youth-Our Future Foundation.

Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Member, Observer and Dialogue partners of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization can take part in the competition.

Republic of Uzbekistan
People's Republic of China
Republic of India
Kyrgyz Republic
Republic of Kazakhstan
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Russian Federation
Republic of Tajikistan
Republic of Azerbaijan
Republic of Armenia
Arab Republic of Egypt

Kingdom of Kambodia

State of Qatar
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Republic of Turkey
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Republic of Belarus
State of Mongolia
Islamic Republic of Iran


"Unicorns SCO" is a project to support all startups of young people aged 18 to 35 within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Only projects that meet the requirements set out in the charter are accepted.

At the initial stage, the top 10 startup projects approved by experts will get investment's in the amount of $ 10 000 (common fond 100.000 $ US) Within selection process, a startup should be based on the work done by the team, corresponded the goals of the idea with its viability.

The process of selecting the best startup projects from experts
Online courses for successful entrepreneurs in the startup industry.
To make a presentation of the startup projects to potential investors.
Financing of the best startup projects with funds up to
$ 10 000*10 = $ 100.000.
Acceleration program.
1. Unicorns SCO orientation
2. How to evaluate initial ideas?
3. How to plan MVP?
4. How to talk to users?
5. Start-up pricing
6.How to set KPIs and goals?
7. Nine business models and the metrics
8. Growth for start-ups
9. How to improve conversion rates?
10. Managing start-up finances
11. All about pivoting
12. How to pitch your start-up?

Project organizers

Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Support Center for Young Entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan

Foundation "Youth is our future"

Shanghai Cooperation Organization

+998 78 113 04 03
Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Katartal street. 60 B